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The village of Sant Joan is a small inland town, with buildings typical of Ibiza; the Agroturismo Can Fuster is located a few meters from the town center, a place where tranquility and peace are the main features.


From the Agroturismo Can Fuster there are hiking trails that start from the village and take you along paths through nature.


In the north of Ibiza, there are plenty of hiking trails; there are seven main trekking routes between the towns of the municipality of Sant Joan. These routes run along paths in the countryside, along the coast and places of interest such as churches, wells, towers, caves and points with spectacular views. We at Can Fuster will provide the necessary information for you to visit the hiking trails.


The beaches of the municipality of Sant Joan are beaches with clear waters and white sand combined with little hidden coves that make the municipality of Sant Joan the ideal place to enjoy the sun and the summer.

 The Cala San Vicente, San Miguel and Portinatx beaches are ideal for families. The Agroturismo Can Fuster has information on all of these.


In Ibiza there are plenty of places of interest to visit. The Ibiza fort, churches, wells and fountains, monuments and museums are some sites you can visit. In Ibiza you will find a place where you can discover unique nooks and crannies.

The municipality of Sant Joan is the most pristine of the island of Ibiza with cultural attractions, tourism and landscape of great value.